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Engineering Innovation training platform

Product model:TQD-AIOT

  • Product features
  • Hardware specifications
  • software function
  • TQD-AIOT Engineering Innovation Training platform is an application teaching platform designed and produced by Tianjin Qicheng Weiye Technology Co., LTD., which is suitable for general education and vocational education fields to carry out EPIP career planning, informational labor skills courses, training, competition and other application teaching platform in accordance with the continuous training and education needs of "Vocational and Professional Integration".

    The products involve comprehensive professional skills in electronics, engineering, mechanics, automatic control, computer, artificial intelligence, etc., with the purpose of cultivating students' scientific literacy, technical literacy, and engineering literacy, with comprehensive planning, design, production, debugging, and application. General and practical courses are the main learning characteristics.

    The TQD-AIOT engineering innovation training platform integrates various cutting-edge technologies such as computer technology, network technology, control technology, intelligent sensing technology, and wireless communication technology.

    Practical training course: With the theme of intelligent life, the Internet of Things technology will be applied at home with various electrical equipment which will be connected through the network. Students will independently complete various control functions such as home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, etc., to build an efficient intelligent living facilities management system, and achieve an environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon footprint living environment.

    Innovation competition: choose the Micromouse Competition as the carrier. It is to summarize and improve the knowledge and technology learned in the training project part, and through the completion of a series of project learning, the results will be transformed into "a real Micromouse Competition".

    By learning the TQD-AIOT engineering innovation training platform, learners can understand and experience the teaching and learning methods of information engineering practice innovation projects, enrich the experience and technical application of engineering practice knowledge, expand professional vision, and improve students' practical innovation ability.

  • Opensource Arduino software and hardware platform

    CPU adopts high performance and low power consumption AVR ATmega328P microcontroller, built-in HC06 Bluetooth module, supports up to 14 channels of digital signal output, 6 channels of analog signal output, compatible with PWM output

    Magnetic adsorption structure design is safe and convenient

    AIOT module equipped with magnetic connection, spring needle and contact base is  tight and stable, no need to connect wire, strong magnetic force, safe, quick and easy to connect. Qicheng independent intellectual property rights won the national utility model patent certificate.

    Creative combination of modular design, powerful expansion function

    The platform adopts a modular design. It is divided into three parts: control area, display area and operation area. Including: AVR control module, liquid crystal display module, MP3 module, voice recognition module and other 24 kinds of modules, users can freely combine according to their needs, and easily realize the diversified control of AIOT.

    Interesting graphical programming mode is easy to learn and understand  

    Supports two modes of code and graphical programming. Each code statement in graphical programming corresponds to modules of different colors and shapes, similar to building electronic building blocks. It greatly reduces the difficulty of programming. Teenagers and even children can write programs through the Arduino controller to realize their own designs.

    Bluetooth communication - real-time and convenient

    The control module integrates a high-quality wireless Bluetooth module HC-06, with a communication distance of up to 10m. It is equipped with a mobile phone Bluetooth APP to facilitate data transmission between users and devices.

    Abundant teaching resources

    The system platform provides corresponding MOOC videos, animations, and PPT course resources according to the actual engineering cases of the enterprise and is equipped with mobile APP supporting control software. The learning method is flexible, convenient and colorful.

    Micromouse Competition platform

    The innovation competition selects the world-famous maze robot as the equipment of the competition, and the main controller adopts the opensource Arduino software and hardware technology, which is completely consistent with the AIOT training platform and plays the role of complementing each other and integrating. Maximize the application functions of Arduino platform. Edutainment enhances students' interest in learning.

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