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General Liaison Office of International Micromouse Contest (China)

The international Micromouse competition comes from the competition held by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which has been popular all over the world for more than 40 years.

The general Liaison Office of international Micromouse competition  (China) (hereinafter referred to as the general Liaison Office) was officially established in 2021, with the authorization and support of Micromouse organizations in the United States, Portugal, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia and other overseas countries. The international general liaison office is dedicated to promoting the exchange and cooperation of Micromouse front-end technology between China and other countries in the world, supporting China's Xinchuang technology, establishing friendly cooperative relations with Micromouse Competition Organizing Committees of various countries, recommending Chinese excellent Micromouse players to participate in international competitions, and inviting international elite experts to join China's competitions. Through the international competition, three platforms including education and teaching, personnel training and science and technology popularization have been set up to gather high-quality resources of all parties and accelerate the intellectualization of industrial structure.

Micromouse China leader

Micromouse is characterized by interdisciplinary, strong penetration and support. It integrates artificial intelligence technology, adaptive motion control algorithm, multi-sensor fusion, intelligent image recognition, high-speed motion control, Internet of things communication and other related technologies to comprehensively benchmark the development of modern intelligent technology industry, and penetrates into various fields such as ocean, aviation, aerospace, military, agriculture, service, entertainment and so on at an amazing speed. Realize the fusion technology application of lidar map building, indoor positioning, slam automatic navigation, visual image recognition, AI unmanned driving and so on.

Over the years, in order to promote the international exchange and cooperation of Micromouse technology, the international general liaison office has invited many international and domestic Micromouse scholars and experts: Professor MIT David otten, chairman of the US Micromouse Competition Organizing Committee, and Professor ant, Professor of Montes and University of otoduro, Portugal ó Professor NiO Valente, Secretary General of Japan Micromouse competition, Ms. Yukiko Nakagawa of Japan revitalization public welfare consortium, Professor bengkiat of Yi'an Polytechnic, Singapore, Professor Peter Harrison of Birmingham City University, UK, galbadrakh, CEO of Mongolia Education Group, enkhjin Ochirbat, general manager of Mongolia software technology company, Bella song, CEO of Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, Greenye, senior R & D Engineer of American ocean airlines, Professor Sun Guiling of Nankai University of China, Professor Wang Chao of Tianjin University of China and other international experts have become special experts of general liaison of (China), and invited international and domestic well-known universities and enterprises to become cooperation units to provide strong support and help for the vigorous development of China's Micromouse competition.

Micromouse China landmark

For more than ten years, the general Liaison Office of the international Micromouse competition (China) has been striving to continuously innovate new ideas for international development, adhering to international exchanges and cooperation with micromouse as the carrier, from the initial simple imitation learning to the current "mutual learning". In this process, it has experienced three stages of " imitation and learning ", "innovation and growth " and "going global as a leader ".

1.Imitation and learning

Micromouse competition has been popular all over the world for more than 40 years. It was introduced into Tianjin in 2007, and there was little international competition involved at that time.

In 2015, Song Lihong, general manager of Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, led the Tianjin University Students' united team to compete in the 30th APEC Micromouse competition in the United States, and won the sixth place in the world for the first time. During her stay in the United States, Professor David otten of MIT, in his capacity as chairman of the Organizing Committee of international Micromouse competition in the United States, authorized Ms. Song Lihong to act as the head of the General Liaison Office of international Micromouse competition (China).

In 2017 and 2018, the general Liaison Office fully subsidized the award-winning Chinese University Students Yang Fan, Longxing and other Chinese university students to participate in the all Japan Micromouse competition for two consecutive years. Through trials and hardships, long insight, promoting growth, experience summary and technological innovation, going out to participate in the competition has played a leading role in promoting Micromouse technology of China.

Since 2019, China Micromouse has won numerous international competitions, and Qicheng Micromouse has made breakthrough achievements in Portugal international competition, winning the honor of world runner up of international elite group. Antonio, chairman of the Organizing Committee of Portugal Micromouse competition, personally appointed Ms. song Lihong as the head of the general Liaison Office of international Micromouse maze competition (China), making efforts and contributions to the communication and development between China and Portugal Micromouse.

In January 2020, at the 23rd Asian Science and technology festival international Micromouse competition held in Mumbai, India, Ms. song Lihong, the head of the general Liaison Office of the international Micromouse competition (China), led the Chinese University Students' united team to Mumbai to participate in the competition at the invitation of the organizing Committee of the Indian competition. China Micromouse won the gold, silver, gold and silver competition with absolute superiority Bronze "all medals and prizes. During his stay in India, KUKA, the person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the contest, held an authorization ceremony for the general Liaison Office of the international rat maze race (China), making efforts and contributions to the exchange and development of Micromouse between China and India.

2.Innovation and growth

At the same time of participating in the international competition, the international general liaison office has continuously carried out the localization innovation and reform of Micromouse. In 2016, the general liaison office invited the delegation of Dacheng College of Thailand and Professor Su Jinghui of Longhua University of science and technology of Taiwan, China, to participate in the first International Invitational competition. In 2017, Professor Huang Mingji of Yi'an Polytechnic of Singapore and the delegation of seven ASEAN countries participated in the second international competition, Mr. Peter Harrison, from Birmingham City University, joined the third competition in 2018. After the competition, he had technical exchanges and sharing with competitors from all over the world. In May 2019, the general Liaison Office of international Micromouse competition (China) invited Yukio Nakagawa, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Japanese competition, and Mr. Masako Utsunomiya and Mr. Youshu Matsui, it elites of Japan Denso group. Through participating in the competition, international players have a deeper understanding and recognition of China's competition standards, so as to effectively promote international exchanges and cooperation, and achieve the purpose of "learning from each other".

3.Going global as a leader

The opening up of education is an important part of the cause of reform and opening up in China. Since 2016, under the guidance of Tianjin municipal government, the Municipal Education Commission has successively launched and built a number of overseas Luban workshops. As China's excellent educational equipment, Qicheng intelligent mouse has gone abroad with "Luban workshop", make light of travelling a thousand li to Thailand, one belt, one road, one country, one country, one country, one country, and one country, and all other countries, such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kampuchea, Portugal and Egypt, have been well received by the teachers and students in the "one belt and one road" area. We have successively provided technical training courses for Luban workshops in many countries according to the standards of Micromouse practical training courses in China.

From 2016 to now, during the "China Vocational Education Week" in May, the "Qicheng Cup" International Invitational Competition. The international general liaison office not only invites the United States, Japan, the UK, Singapore and other high-level developed countries to participate in the competition, but also specially invites overseas representatives of Luban workshop such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and Cambodia to gather in Tianjin, China, Created the Luban workshop grand return, Jinmen together to participate in the grand event.

In China, Micromouse has experienced the process of learning, practice and optimization, and has gradually developed into a maze race with Chinese characteristics. It not only conforms to the Chinese education and teaching competition mode, but also is compatible with all the essence and characteristics of the international micromouse competition.

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