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Micromouse Virtual Simulation Judge System

Product model:TQD-OCv2.0

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  • TQD-OC v2.0 is a new generation Micromouse virtual simulation evaluation system, independently developed and designed by Tianjin Qicheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd., with its own intellectual property rights, based on the needs of virtual simulation teaching and competition.

    This evaluation system is not affected by the environment, has high cost-effectiveness, strong appreciation, and high fidelity. It has wide-support, provides functions such as high-precision recovery, feature display, virtual operation training of various models and platforms. High fidelity: The entire system uses real physical models, combined with three-dimensional design models, to create complex competition mazes, realize real competition live running, create a real experience, and play a powerful guiding role for virtual competitions.

  • 1.Provides two startup modes: standalone and embedded, reducing hardware performance dependence and effectively saving system resources.

    2.During operation, real-time feedback of sensor data, speed, offset, etc. of the Micromouse, which is convenient for data analysis.

    3.Provides score recording function, displays maze time and running time in real-time, records the best scores, and automatically sorts them after the competition ends.

    4.Supports mode switching. In debug mode, the control interface will be enabled to make the operation of the Micromouse more efficient by calibrating parameters.

    5.The system deploys upload and download functions, one-press to switch between Chinese and English to meet the needs of players to compete in real-time.

    6.Provides multiple types of 3D mazes and Micromouse models, users can switch freely according to their needs, making the competition process more convenient.

  • This system deploys functions such as 3D model building, multi-sensor combination, intelligent algorithm verification, real-time data feedback; provides first-person view display, giving an immersive experience; supports left-hand algorithm, right-hand algorithm, center algorithm, and flood algorithm, it can easily realize the search of the international standard virtual maze and the optimization of the shortest path.

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