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China Micromouse Bilingual Website was founded
Source:         Date of issue:  2021-07-12 13:52:30


The ribbon-cutting ceremony of General Liaison Office of International Micromouse Contest (China)and China Micromouse bilingual website

(Edited by summer and camera by Helen) On June 26, 2021, the opening ceremony of General Liaison Office of International Micromouse Contest (China)and China Smart Mouse bilingual website were held on the second floor of the Tianjin Huigao Garden Hotel. Experts from universities and vocational colleges at home and abroad More than 200 people including leaders, academic leaders, and key teachers attended the meeting.

The General Liaison Office of General Liaison Office of International Micromouse Contest (China) (short for GLOIMC(China)) was formally established. It is authorized and supported by the Micromouse organization in the United States, Portugal, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia, and other overseas countries. The GLOIMC(China) is dedicated to promoting the exchange and cooperation of Micromouse front-end technology between China and other countries in the world, supporting the original technology of electronic information in China, establishing friendly cooperative relations with the Micromouse competition organizing committees of various countries, recommending outstanding Chinese Micromouse contestants to participate in international competitions, and inviting international elites Masters join the Chinese competition.

At the unveiling ceremony, representatives from international Micromouse experts, Professor RPLANDO from Minho University in Portugal, GREEN YE engineer from American Ocean Airlines, Manager Lian Juan of Singapore ITEES, and AGUS Pariadi from Indonesian Luban Workshop, and other experts expressed their congratulations to the convention through online video. Domestic Micromouse expert representatives, including Professor Wang Chao from Tianjin University, Professor Sun Guiling from Nankai University, Professor Wang Jinhai from Tianjin Polytechnic University, Professor Zhang Liyi from Tianjin University of Commerce, Professor Tian Liguo from Tianjin University of Technology and Education, and General Manager Song Lihong from Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd., attended the convention, Cut the ribbon for General Liaison Office of International Micromouse Contest (China) and  Chinese Micromouse Bilingual Website.

General Manager Song Lihong, head of the General Liaison Office of International Micromouse Contest (China), said that the official establishment of the liaison office is to help China’s smart mouse technology speak internationally and enhance its international influence. Through the international Micromouse competition, the three major platforms of education and teaching, talent training, and technology popularization have been established. Collaborate to gather high-quality resources from all parties to accelerate the intelligence of the industrial structure.

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