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Micromouse expands "friend circle" to help cultivate intelligent technology talents
Source:         Date of issue:  2021-05-25 11:16:51


The intelligent small robot can automatically remember and select the path in the ever-changing maze, given highly integrated intelligent hardware, use the corresponding intelligent algorithm to autonomously walk out of the maze, and reach the set destination at the fastest speed. This is the ongoing 5th World Intelligence Congress Micromouse Intelligent Experience Activity.

The labyrinth robot is also called the " Micromouse”. The micromouse competition was originated from the international micromouse maze competition held by the International Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. It has been popular all over the world for more than 40 years. In many countries, from elementary school students to college students, graduate students, from IT elites to professional players, the participation is extremely high and popular.


Professor Yu Lanping, Dean of Tianjin Bohai Vocational and Technical College, introduced that since micromouse was entering Tianjin in 2007, it has experienced the process of learning, practice, and optimization, and has carried out localized innovation reforms with the engineering practice innovation project (EPIP) teaching model. With students’ independent exploration and hands-on creation as the core, it emphasizes design ability, cooperation ability, practical ability, problem-solving ability, and innovation and creativity ability. By completing micromouse tasks, it inspires the learning interest and exploration consciousness of teenagers, in order to achieve the creation of entertaining personal experience the joy of learning.

Since 2016, Tianjin has created China’s first well-known international humanities exchange brand "Luban Workshop". The micromouse has accompanied the "Luban Workshop" to go abroad to share with the world, and has come to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Overseas countries such as Egypt and Nigeria have been unanimously favored by teachers and students from overseas countries. For the fifth consecutive China Micromouse International Invitational Tournament, not only the powerful micromouse teams from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Singapore were invited, but also the Luban workshop representatives from the “Belt and Road” countries were invited to build a bridge for Sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges and serve the area. Proposing development along the way, the global "circle of friends" is getting bigger and wider.

With the micromouse steadily searching the maze and arriving quickly and accurately. EZEH, an international student at Luban Workshop in Nigeria, said, “Micromouse can be applied to search and rescue in unknown environments, intelligent path planning, autonomous driving and other technologies. Our country is in urgent need of intelligent technology talents. I am very grateful to Chinese schools and teachers for providing us with micromouse learning. The platform, Chinese and English tutorials and curriculum standards, taught through a combination of online and offline methods, allowed us to learn China’s advanced intelligent technology."


Song Lihong, general manager of Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., said that the micromouse technology integrates adaptive motion control algorithms, multi-sensor fusion, intelligent image recognition, high-speed motion control, Internet of Things communication and other related intelligent technologies, and fully benchmarks the development of modern intelligent technology industry. Industrial development requires not only R&D design talents, but also high-end maintenance service talents. Using the micromouse competition platform and teaching resources as the carrier, making "friends" can train students at different stages of education, learn the basic knowledge and application practice of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and intelligent algorithms, so as to build a world-class one with Chinese characteristics Highland for training talents in intelligent technology industry.

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