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Have you ever seen micromouse walking through a maze?
Source:   Tianjin Daily     Date of issue:  2021-05-25 09:35:17

Tianjin DailyThe Fifth World Intelligence Congress was held in Tianjin from May 20th  to 23rd . The theme of this conference is "New Ear of Intelligence: Empowering New Development, Fostering New Pattern", this congress formed a "four-in-one" international platform of "Convention & Exhibition + Intelligent Experience"

A small robot automatically remembers and selects the path in the ever-changing maze, uses an intelligent search algorithm to autonomously explore the maze, finds the fastest path to the destination, and completes the sprint task. This is the intelligent experience project of the labyrinth robot (also known as the micromouse) in the N2 venue of the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, which attracted a large number of audiences.


Along with the steady maze search and fast sprint, the outstanding performance of the maze robots on the field won bursts of applause... The micromouse that are performing are Nankai University, Tianjin University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin Urban Construction University, and other universities in Tianjin. They are all outstanding contestants from the recently held 10th "Qicheng Cup" Artificial Intelligence Computer Mouse Competition held by Tianjin University students.


In particular, there is a micromouse that is only a quarter the size of a normal micromouse, it with more features, integration and performance, is attracting the audience's attention. According to Professor Sun Guiling, deputy dean of the School of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering at Nankai University, the school's research team broke the technical barrier and developed the first half-size micromouse in China in 2017. The successful research and development of this labyrinth robot has a leading demonstration role in the domestic half-size micromouse technology.


Song Lihong, general manager of Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., said that the micromouse technology integrates adaptive motion control algorithms, multi-sensor fusion, intelligent image recognition, high-speed motion control, Internet of Things communication and other related intelligent technologies, and fully benchmarks the development of modern intelligent technology industry.

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