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Doctoral supervisor and professor of the school of Precision Instruments and Opto-electronics Engineering, Tianjin University. He is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of biomedical information detection and processing. He has trained 46 doctors and more than 160 masters, published more than 700 academic papers (including 220 SCI searches), edited and published 37 textbooks and monographs, won 120 national invention patents, guided students to win more than 100 awards in various competitions, and won more than 30 honor titles, such as "5000 Top Academic Paper Leaders in China's Top-Quality Sci-Tech Journals", "The First Academic Influential Person in China's Testing Industry", "Advanced Individual of Tianjin Teachers' Morality", "The Eighth Five Meritorious Medal of Tianjin Federation of Trade Unions" and "Tianjin excellent teacher",etc.

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