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Founder of Qicheng Micromouse

General manager of Tianjin Qicheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founder of Qicheng Micromouse, head of general Liaison Office of International Micromouse maze race (China).Over the years, she has been committed to the R&D, design, production and service of teaching instruments and equipment such as embedded, Internet of things and artificial intelligence in higher education, vocational education and basic education. She has sponsored and supported more than 40 times to the College Students' Subject Competition "Qicheng Cup" Micromouse Maze Competition and Vocational College Skills Competition Intelligent Micro Sports Device (Micromouse) Competition, etc. Since 2009, Micromouse has been the carrier of international exchanges and cooperation. In 2019, she was represented Qicheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd., to participate in the International Micromouse Portuguese Contest and won the world second place of the competition. In 2020, she led the Chinese University Students' United team to Mumbai, India to participate in the international competition, and won all the medals and prizes of "gold, silver and copper" with absolute superiority. She has been working hard for the Luban workshop for many years and traveled to Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kampuchea, Nigeria and Egypt, etc. She has been promoting the education, teaching, training and competition of Micromouse to countries along the The Belt and Road routes for many years.

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