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Gao Yi   Back
Master supervisor

Master supervisor of School of Electronic Information Optical Engineering of Nankai University, deputy director of Electronic Information Experimental Teaching Center, deputy director of Youth Backbone Working Committee of Tianjin Single Chip Microcomputer Society, member of judging group of many Tianjin University Student Competitions and Vocational Skills Competitions. He has successively participated in a number of "National High Tech Research and Development Plan (863 plan)" projects, "Key Projects of Tianjin Science and Technology Support Plan" and horizontal scientific research projects. As an instructor, he has led the team to participate in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition, Tianjin Electronic Design Competition, Tianjin Internet of Things Competition, Tianjin University IEEE MicroMouse Competition, APEC International Micromouse Competition, National Robot Competition, etc.

ICP备案号:津IPC19005703号-1 公安备案号:12010302001581