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Professor, Dean of Software & Communication School, Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, director of Higher Education Committee of Tianjin Communication Society, director of Vocational Education Branch of Tianjin Single Chip Microcomputer Society. She has mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research of electronic technology and Internet of things application technology, and teaching courses of Internet of things. In 2012, she has introduced the Micromouse into vocational colleges as the teaching carrier of engineering practice innovation course for the first time, and the effect was remarkable. In 2014, she has designed and developed the innovative competition of Micromouse competition in vocational colleges. For eight consecutive years, she has organized and guided undergraduate and junior college students and international students to participate in the Micromouse maze competition of Tianjin colleges and universities and the Micromouse maze competition of students' skills competition of Tianjin vocational colleges and universities, and won excellent results for several years.

ICP备案号:津IPC19005703号-1 公安备案号:12010302001581