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Professor, dean of School of Control and Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin Chengjian University. She is the discipline leader, director of Tianjin Intelligent Building System Integration and Testing Technology Engineering Center, director of Tianjin Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Construction Unit, director of China Metrology and Testing Society, deputy director of Tianjin Robotics Society, director expert of Tianjin University Student artificial Micromouse Competition Organizing Committee. She is mainly engaged in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent construction technology, innovative design and development of engineering robot, vibration and noise measurement and control technology of robot, dynamic test and intelligent diagnosis, etc. She has successively presided over or participated in more than 40 national and provincial scientific research projects, more than 50 national patents have been authorized, including 4 national invention patents. She won the first prize of provincial and ministerial teaching achievement and the title of Tianjin famous teacher.

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