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Senior R&D engineer

He is a senior R&D Engineer of the Ocean Airlines Company, Chinese American. He was graduated from the University of California, majoring in electronic engineering. He has participated in a number of national and international Micromouse competitions in the United States since he was a student. He has independently designed and won many Champion Competitions for several years. He is the champion holder of the national Micromouse competition, and has achieved the top three results of APEC International Micromouse Competition. At present, it has the fastest Micromouse in the Micromouse competition in the United States. After taking part in the work, he has continuously to make the Micromouse and share his experience in making the Micromouse online and offline. With more than ten years of practical experience in Micromouse related development and student education and training, it has directly and indirectly benefited more than 1000 students in the world.

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