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Product model:TQD- Micromouse-JQ

  • Product features
  • Hardware specifications
  • software function
  • TQD-Micromouse-JQ innovation platform fully combines optics, mechanics and electricity, software and hardware as well as control and mechanics. It not only displays a concept of “engineering course” but also extends and develops a concept of “innovation course”, injecting completely new content in learning and teaching. It focuses on cultivating students’ comprehensive quality and developing happy quality education. For many years, Qicheng Science and Technology Co. Ltd. has accumulated rich competition experience and advanced technology.

  • 1. size: 96 mm (length)* 76mm (width)* 90 mm (height). The platform is applicable for practical teaching for micromouse beginner students. It is the first option for cultivating students’ engineering quality and enhancing their scientific innovation ability.

    2. High performance and low power AVR ATmega328P micro control.

    3. HC06 Bluetooth module, real-time and high speed data transmission with effective transmission distance of up to 10 meters.

    4. Flexible and convenient APP online mobile phone debugging, with the computer mouse and mobile Bluetooth wireless communication function.

    5. the Arduino graphical programming is easy to learn, understand and practice that learning becomes lively and interesting

    6. LM2596 voltage stabilizing circuit with high frequency and high efficiency ensures the stable operation of the computer mouse

    7. 5 sets of high precision infrared digital sensor could accurately detect labyrinth baffle information comprehensively.

    8. Precision N20 steel gear reducer motor, working voltage 3V~6V, strong anti-interference ability.

    9. Power source using 7.4v rechargeable lithium battery with long battery life, convenient and durable.

    10. The body uses color acrylic material block module, which could be spliced freely.

    11. Customized TQD DEMO program includes field debugging, optimization algorithms and other procedures, so that the beginner students could quickly get started and their ability could be enhanced within a short period.

    12. The sophisticated version of Micromouse special test site, the original independent intellectual property rights of Qicheng Science and Technology Co. Ltd., makes it easy for beginners to freely test the function of software and hardware debugging. Micromouse special test site is in full compliance with the international competition standards.

  • The sophisticated version of Micromouse is developed based on the popular global Arduino open source software and hardware platform and Ardublock graphical programming environment. Arduino is used to carry out art design and invention, known as the "art of science and technology". The platform is simple, interactive, interesting, creative and easy to learn. The development module set aside a large number of interfaces to facilitate its use and ensure the second development. At the same time, the sophisticated version of micromouse supports Ardublock graphical programming. Similar to the building blocks, it combines all function modules of different shapes according to certain logical order to achieve very interesting functions. This programming model reduces the threshold of learning and application. Even if youngsters with no programming experience, even children, can try to write programs on Arduino development board to achieve their own design.

    In the process of computer mouse debugging, it is necessary to obtain the real time state parameters of the micromouse so as to make a better debugging. The sophisticated version of micromouse uses a Bluetooth-based online mobile phone debugging mode. When running, the state information is sent to the mobile phone App through Bluetooth. Through the analysis of the feedback data, the debugger can quickly and accurately find the deficiencies, and make targeted improvements.

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