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Micromouse Virtual Simulation System

Product model:TQD-Micromouse VS

  • Product features
  • Hardware specifications
  • software function
  • Micromouse is an intelligent integrated device composed of embedded microcontroller, photoelectric sensor, motion unit and power electronic devices. It can automatically search, save, and select the best path in the complex "maze" structure, and adopt the corresponding intelligent control algorithm to reach the destination quickly and accurately. Maze robot covers comprehensive skills in electronics, engineering, mechanics, automatic control, computer, artificial intelligence, and other aspects. With the purpose of cultivating students' scientific, technical, and engineering knowledge, it offers general and practical courses.

    For many years, Micromouse has been favored by teachers and students in vocational and higher education as a carrier of competition and learning all around the world. A systematic and cohesive education model of "k-12, vocational school and university" has been formed.

    Undeniably, in the process of learning Micromouse, teenagers pay more attention to the hardware installation, operation and maintenance of maze robot, and the learning of intelligent control algorithm is still a weak spot. To make up for the weakness and problems encountered in youth learning. Tianjin Qicheng Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. developed and designed a “TQD-Micromouse VS Maze virtual simulation system”. It is suitable for general education and vocational education to carry out EPIP career planning, information technology skills courses, training, and competition. The system deploys 2D model building, intelligent algorithm design and verification and other functions, which is suitable for teenagers' learning and design of entry-level control algorithms. Its characteristics are not affected by the environment, not restricted by the region, and an open learning environment. 

  • 1.Support the custom maze model, which can be customized according to the need of different difficulty

    2.Support custom competition rules, and different levels of competition can be set according to the need

    3.Support code editing and debugging, and the output are integrated into the UI for beginners to conveniently write and customize programs at the same time.

    4.Well support for different data, such as real-time feedback of wall data, orientation, coordinates and other information of the visualization micromous, enabling students to know the running state of the robot.

    5.Intelligent algorithm verification, and supports the left hand algorithm, the right hand algorithm, the center algorithm and the flood algorithm. It can easily achieve the search of the standard virtual maze and the optimization of the shortest path.

    6.Support the re-development of intelligent algorithms, all program code is open source, reserved port for the convenience of re-development.

    7.The virtual simulation micromouse system also deploys the function of uploading and downloading. Users can store codes in the cloud for remote competition, which can meet the needs of international and domestic players using the same platform for real-time competition. At the same time, the server provides a large number of maze models and learning materials with different difficulties to download, reducing the learning difficulty of users.

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