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Micromouse Maze16×16

Product model:TQD-Micromouse-Maze

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  • At present, the international Micromouse competition adopts standard and uses the same specification maze, that is, a square maze composed of 16×16 cells.The "walls" of the maze can be inserted, so that a variety of mazes can be formed.

    The TQD-Micromouse Maze 16×16 is shown in the Picture. The floor of the maze is 2.96m ×2.96m, and there are 16×16 standard maze cells on it.

  • (1)The maze is composed of 16 × 16 square cells with the size of 18cm × 18cm.

    (2)The height of the walls are 5 cm and its thickness are 1.2 cm,so the actual distance of the passagewaysbetween the two walls is 16.8cm, and the walls seal the whole maze.

    (3)The side of the walls are white, and the top of the walls are red. The floor of the maze is painted in black. It is made of wood, finished with non-gloss black paint. The paint on the side and top of the wall can reflect infrared light, and the floor can absorb infrared light.

    (4)The start of the maze can be set at one of the four corners. The start must have three walls and only one exit. The destination of the maze is located at the center of the maze, which is composed of four cells.

    (5)There are small posts, each 1.2 cm × 1.2 cm × 5cm, can be inserted at the four corners of each cell. The position of the posts are called lattice points, and a maze are built so that there are at least one wall to a lattice point except for the destination.

    (6)The dimensional accuracy error of the maze making should be no larger than 5%, or less than 2cm. The joint of the maze floors shall not be more than 0.5cm, and the gradient change of the joint point shall not be more than 4 °. The gap between the walls and posts shall not be more than 1mm.

    (7)The starting point and terminal point shall be designed based on Micromouse competition rules and standards, that is,Micromouse starts in a clockwise direction.

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