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Micromouse Portuguese Contest

Micromouse Portuguese Contest has helded in Gondomar on April 27, 2019, sponsored by University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal and the Technical Executive Committee.

Micromouse Portuguese Contest, which started in 2011, aims to provide a complete technological learning environment through the cultivation of creativity and ability, and has been successfully held for 9 times.

Competition time:Every April/May.

Competition venue:Portugal.



Picture 1 Screenshot of Official Website of Micromouse Portuguese Contest

On April 27, 2019, at 18:00 local time, in Porto Coliseumm, Portual, which is 9674.77 kilometers away from China,teams from UK, China, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Singapore and other countries, werecompeting a tense international Micromouse maze competition. With the steady search and fast sprint of Chinese Micromouse , applause and cheers thundered in Porto Coliseumm......Micromouse of Qicheng achieved breakthrough results and won the second place in the world.


Picture 2 Micromouse of Qicheng Won the World Second Place in the Portugal Competition

AntonioValente, chairman of Micromouse Portuguese Contest Organizing Committee, said after the contest that in recent years, China's comprehensive national strength and technical strength have been increasing, especially in the field of education, more and more attention has been paid to technological innovation and engineering literacy. TQD-Micromouse participated in the Portugal international competition for the first time, and its excellent results are very gratifying.


Picture 3 On site technical exchange between Chinese and Portuguese Micromouse experts

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