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Micromouse Competition in China

In 2009, Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. introduced Micromouse competition into China, and carried out localized innovation and reform in the International Standard Micromouse Competition, which played a leading role in satisfying industrial optimization and upgrading, broadening international vision, gaining practice and innovation experience, and cultivating high-tech talents.


From 2016 to 2019, Micromouse International Invitational Competition has been held in the second week of May every year in China and has been successfully held for four times. The competition is hosted by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and organized by Tianjin Qicheng Science & Technology Co. Ltd. and Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College, as is shown in Picture 2.


The Micromouse International Invitational Competition in China Has Been Held Since 2016.

At present, Micromouse International Invitational Competition in China has set up "middle school, vocational college, bachelor's degree, master's degree and occupation" five competition group. It aims to improve the social participation and professional coverage of the competition. Micromouse has become an important carrier of systematic training and education. It fully embodies the combination of optical and electrical, software and hardware, control and machinery. While deducing the concept of "engineering" course, it extends and expands the concept of "innovative" course, which makes the content of students' learning and the teaching method of teachers have a new connotation, and truly focuses on the cultivation of comprehensive quality to create happy quality education.

Micromouse International Invitational Competition in China has the following characteristics

(1) Participants: facing not only college students, but also primary school, middle school and vocational workers, reflecting the characteristics of through training and lifelong education. It also includes international Micromouse professional players and previous international Micromouse competition winners.

(2)Maze site: there are 8×8 Micromouse maze sites for primary and secondary schools, and also have 16×16 full size classical Micromouse maze site for colleges and universities. Other than that, there is also a 25 x 32 half size Micromouse maze for elite players. Reflecting the extensibility of the competition, it takes the Micromouse competition as the core form, and students from different learning stages can participate in the competition

(3)Competition events: there are not only Micromouse competition, but also Robotracer race, which reflects the competition is both technical and engineering, and show the idea of engineering application oriented competition

(4) Competition rules: A comparison of the similarities and differences in competition rules of general education, vocational education, higher education, vocational elite.


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